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Bruce Allen speaks at the Senior Bowl

theteam980 18 hours ago

Mike Tanier with Al Galdi discussing possible Redskins QBs at the Senior Bowl

theteam980 23 hours ago

Steve Czaban on the Rams-Saints ref controversy

theteam980 2 days ago
NBA Washington Wizards vs Toronto Raptors
The United States Capitol building at night in Washington DC, USA.
NFL: AUG 27 Preseason - 49ers at Vikings

Should The Redskins Draft A Quarterback?

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#TheMorningBlitz w/ @AlGaldi hr 4 podcast: https://t.co/KfpuDq5EDm

1:27 - #Top5in5

10:42 - #BruceAllen on #ReubenFoster situation

24:05 - Guest: @jay_jaffe - #BaseballHOF inductees & those that need to be in

36:20 - @Laughlin18 on another disaster of a loss for the #Caps

#TheMorningBlitz with @AlGaldi hour 3 podcast: https://t.co/Ss66tDyjMl

1:10 - #BruceAllen says the #Redskins are "close," addresses #FireBruceAllen & more

9:15 - Calls: react to anything Bruce said yesterday



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