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The good??, bad, and more from the Redskins blowout 45-14 loss to the Giants.


1.  Tress Way’s punting.  58.3 yards per punt including a 77-yarder.


1.  Outcoached.  Haslett was totally out schemed by McAdoo.  The defense couldn’t figure out where the Giants were going, who to cover, and when to cover them.  He made Eli look like a Super Bowl quarterback again.  The defense may have been hurting and/or tired but it wouldn’t have mattered much.  Meantime, the head coach through 4 games has one of the most penalized teams in the league and tonight coached a team that lacked energy and fight.  The 11 penalties all came in 3 quarters during the somewhat competitive portion of the game.  This game may prove to be just one of those bad nights set up by a physically exhausting loss in Philly on Sunday but whatever the reason, it was bleak.

2.  Defense.  In addition to the bad night for Haslett as mentioned, the defensive players and their execution stunk.  Eli had too much time and had his choice of open receivers (usually Donnell).  Hatcher was a non-factor for the first time this year….maybe because of the injured hamstring.  The linebackers generated zero pass rush and covered poorly (see Riley on Donnell).  The secondary couldn’t cover (rough night for Amerson in particular) and made up for it with some bad-angle tackles (Merriweather) and a dropped interception (Merriweather).  The Giants made 8 of their first 10 third-downs thanks to no pass rush, bad coverage, and what appeared to be players out of place and confused.  The first big throw to Cruz seemed to confuse the hell out of Biggers who first looked like he would blitz then tried to chase down Cruz who had blown by him.  How confident were the Giants against the Skins defense tonight?  With a 21-7 lead and just over a minute left in the first half, instead of running the clock out from their own 18 like many teams would, they stayed aggressive and moved the ball down the field and got 3 before halftime.  The defense isn’t anywhere near as good as I had hoped and thought after the first two weeks.  Really glad Haslett and Orakpo are unshackled this year.

3.  Turnovers.  Two first-half fumbles gave the Giants a short-field for their first touchdown and took a potential score off the board for the Skins when they were in the red zone and still very much in the game.  That Paulson fumble was inexcusable.  He let the defender take it from him.  That was the difference between a reasonable halftime deficit and a 17-pt hole.  The picks in the 2nd half were all bad.

4.  Offense.  It killed itself with the turnovers in the first half when they were still in the game and the penalties didn’t help when they weren’t turning it over.  The offense wasn’t all bad in the first half but the mistakes reduced any chance of keeping pace with the Giant offense which was torching Haz’s defense.  The Cousins picks in the 2nd half were all bad and appeared to be all on him.

5. Kirk Cousins.  A bad night for sure.  All 4 of his interceptions came in the 2nd half and it appeared as if all of them were his fault.  The first was a back-shoulder pass thrown to the front shoulder…oops.  The 2nd was late for Garcon giving the safety time to make an easy play on the ball.  The 3rd and 4th were just awful throws.  The 3rd perhaps could’ve been a miscommunication with Roberts.  He had two others that were nearly picked.  It didn’t start terribly.  His first-half could’ve turned out much better if not for a few things that were out of his control.  An early missed P.I. against Roberts on the Skins 2nd drive on a 3rd & 5 was ridiculous considering this flag-happy season for anything resembling contact.  That should’ve been a first down for the Skins.  The Paulson fumble equaled pts lost.  He also appeared to have Paul deep on the play before the sack/fumble but Paul let up a bit on his route and the ball ended up overthrown.  The 3rd quarter opening 80-yard drive in 2 minutes looked like it got them back in the game but he fell apart after that.  He looked rattled and his hanging head on the bench wasn’t a good look.

6.  Special Teams returns/coverage.  Andre Roberts made a fair catch on a punt with what appeared to be a big opportunity for an early big return and the kickoff coverage unit gave up a 35 yard return.


1.  Eli Manning was the 2nd straight QB to light up the Skins defense.

2.  I thought the Keenan Robinson INT was a touchdown catch by Randle.  The call on the field saved them in that spot.

3.  Kirk’s read-option run for 11 yards was impressive.  I think they should use that series more.  Morris has more room to run out of that look.  Cousins actually may have had another opportunity for a big RO run but gave the ball to Morris instead.  Seemed like the wrong read.

4.  It’s obvious that any running play will go to Garcon’s side if both he and Jackson are on the field.  Jackson seems to be a conscientious objector to blocking on running plays.

5.  I should’ve put Morris and Helu on the good list.  Morris runs hard and Helu is a better than average pass option out of the backfield.

6.  Was that really a P.I. on Breeland at the end of the first half?

7.  Was that really roughing the passer on Hatcher on the Giants’ first offensive drive of the game?

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