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The good, bad, and more from the Redskins 30-20 loss in Arizona.


1.  Jordan Reed.  It would be nice if he could play more games than he misses.  He’s the real deal.  Big target, very good yards-after-catch receiver….he is a legit talent.

2.  Pierre Garcon.  He’s here every week because he appears to compete harder than anyone else on the team.  Kerrigan and Trent Williams are nearly in his class in terms of effort each week.

3.  Roy Helu.  Good hands as a pass catcher and a good runner after the catch.  He’s been excellent on screens. The 33-yard catch and run on the screen at the end of the first half led to 3 points.

4.  Will Compton.  He’s on this list because he was an improvement over Perry Riley.

5.  Deep kickoffs.  No pooch-kicking this week.  Nice to see that Forbath is capable of putting it deep.


1.  Kirk Cousins when it matters most.  At this point, he’s much more bad than good when it matters most.  Whether it’s a key 3rd-down where he throws behind somebody or the 3 picks in the 4th quarter when the team needed points, he’s just not very good in key moments.  His unwillingness to try and extend plays with his legs is a major problem right now.  Every quarterback in the league worth his salt extends plays by running to throw or running to move the chains.  Rarely, if ever, does Kirk extend a play allowing his talented receivers more time to get open and because of it, he ends up throwing too quickly and often badly.  The sack in the 1st qtr when Polumbus got beat seemed so easy to escape but he didn’t.  He actually is athletic but seems hesitant to use it for some inexplicable reason.  This is killing them right now.  He’s got to be willing to make plays with his legs, especially on 3rd-down.  One more thing.  He seemed to get lucky on two poor check-down throws in the first half.  The one to Morris could’ve been picked.

2.  Andre Roberts.  He makes plays here and there but he dropped another ball today and fumbled in a huge spot today.  While the fumble should have been overturned by replay, it doesn’t change the fact that he put the ball on the ground.

3.  No running game.  The Shanahans are gone, so is the running game.  Seriously though, the run-game has been non-existent in recent weeks.  Seattle is very good against the run, Arizona was banged-up and should’ve been easier to run against.  Morris benefited from read-option football w/Griffin but the lack of read-option now doesn’t explain 2.7 yards per carry in his last 2 games.

4.  No plays on defense.  There were opportunities including what would’ve been a huge INT by Orakpo but he dropped an easy lob that went right through his hands.  It actually looked like they got some pressure on occasion but they just couldn’t get to Palmer with the exception of the play where he fumbled the snap.

5.  Soft coverage.  On 3rd & 13, you’d think that Breeland might be better off not giving a 13-yard cushion.  We saw it a lot today and while the Skins really don’t man-cover very well, you’d think with blitz pressure they would press-cover more knowing that Palmer will need to get it out quickly.  It’s so frustrating to watch 3rd and long with soft coverage.

6.  No field position….again.  The Redskins avg starting field position today was their own 19.  They haven’t started a drive in opponent’s territory since the Philly game.  In 5 of their 6 games (not counting the Jacksonville game), the Skins have started a grand total of two drives in opponents’ territory.

7.  Two bad calls DID impact the game.  The P.I. call on Breeland on a 3rd & 8 with 2 minutes to go in the first half was terrible.  It was good coverage.  Instead of getting the ball back up 10-7 in very good field position with a chance to add to their lead before halftime, Arizona took the gift first down and drove the ball down the field for a score and a 14-10 lead.  The other horrible call was the Andre Roberts fumble.  It should’ve been overturned by replay.  The replay we saw on TV right after the Hochuli announcement of the call being upheld was the replay that indicated clearly that his knee was down with ball in secured.  Instead of a big 14-yard completion to the 34 down 20-13 with 12:50 left, the Cards took over and kicked a FG for a 10-point lead.


1.  The onsides kick attempt was awful.  After seeing that, they should’ve kicked it deep.  They would’ve gotten much better field position with 29 seconds left.  Then again, no confidence that Kirk would’ve made a play to get them in field goal range.

2.  The Skins gave up 4 3rd and 8 or longer plays.

3.  How did D. Jackson avoid the unnecessary roughness penalty on the sideline tackle after the Kirk pick.

4.  Arizona threw 3 straight passes with a 23-13 lead in Skins territory after Ellington had two runs for 11 yards.  All three were incomplete.  Not sure why they didn’t attempt to eat some clock.

5.  Loved Gruden’s 4th and 1 decision to go for it in the first half and the play call was even better.

6.  Jackson is their best big-play threat in years.  He should’ve had two touchdowns if not for Chester’s tackle on him on the 2nd quarter screen.

7.  Cardinals had 14 penalties for 108 yards.  Half of them were on offense yet they overcame many of them.

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