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The good, bad, and more from the 49-27 loss to the Colts.


1.  DeSean Jackson/Jordan Reed as pass receivers.  The two best pass receivers on the team and it’s not close.  Garcon is a more complete player than both because he blocks but Jackson and Reed get open, track the ball better than anybody else, catch the ball better than anybody else, and both are tremendous runners after the catch.  They combined for 207 yards on 14 catches.

2.  Roy Helu as a pass receiver.  Helu runs very good routes and is very good after the catch.


1.  Early offense.  Just an awful start for the offense when it had a chance to give the team a two-score lead after two Indy turnovers on their first two drives. Overall in the first half, the offense managed just 3 points off of 3 total Indy turnovers on 3 short fields starting at the Indy 15, 45, and 48.  On those 3 short-field chances, McCoy was 3-7 for 9 yards and 2 sacks.  The team managed just 13 yards of total offense on its first 5 drives.  Ironically the Skins scored a first-half touchdown on their worst-starting field position of the half….their own 16.  Another note on the early struggles of the offense is that Trent Williams looked bad.  Penalties and a whiff on a McCoy sack stand out.

2.  Pass coverage.  As bad as pass defense can get courtesy of bad coverage and busted coverage.  4 of Luck’s 5 TD passes were too wide-open receivers for 30, 48, 73, and 79 yards.  There was another wide-open TD pass dropped by Fleener as well.  Luck completed 19 passes for 370 yards.  That’s nearly 20 yards per completion.  Most of his 19 completions were to receivers who were wide open.  He rarely if ever had to throw into tight windows.  The Colts scored 42 offensive pts on 49 offensive plays.

3.  Sp Teams.  The penalty by Kearse on the PAT after the Skins had cut the lead to 21-17 hurt.  The Colts got a return to the 38 and then there was an offsides on the Skins’ kickoff team that added another 5 yards.  Kickoff coverage was bad (gave up 31.2 per) and they got nothing again from Roberts on returns.


1.  I had no problem with the Skins going for 4th and inches down 28-17.  Gruden said he had a run called but when Indy called timeout he decided to take a shot.  Indy may have known a play-action throw was coming….Colt had thrown it on his last 4th and 1 in the Dallas game.  A blown pass protection by the tight end cost them a big-play chance.

2.  Colt McCoy’s final #s look good but the ineffective offense early in the game really put the Skins in a bind.  On its first 5 drives the Skins managed just 13 total yards with excellent field position on 3 of those drives.  McCoy had a bad 1st qtr but went 28-40 for 383 yards, 3 touchdowns, and no picks the final 3 quarters.  He missed some things like the 4th and goal fade to Reed that was a touchdown if he makes a better throw but overall I thought he was much better than Griffin had been the last 2 weeks.  With that said, he wasn’t consistent or good enough to beat a team like Indy on the road.  One more thing.  McCoy wad credited with 4 fumbles (one of them was on the pitch to Morris)….he lost just one of them.

3.  I wonder how much thought Gruden gave to taking a chance and going for 4th and 9 at the Colt 42 after the bogus running into the punter call near the end of the first half.  Down 21-10 and due to get the ball to start the 2nd half, it may have been a risk not worth taking.  However, at 3-8, it may have been worth considering with the best-case scenario being some pts before the half and a ton of momentum going into halftime with the worst-case being the Colts having a chance to get a FG before half.  If the Skins had missed on 4th and 9, the Colts would’ve gotten the ball back in good field position from somewhere around their own 35 to 45 with roughly :25 seconds left.

4.  The P.I. flag picked up on Vonte Davis’ mugging of Garcon in the 2nd quarter was a terrible call.

5.  I was surprised that the Roberts’ catch that was challenged was upheld.  It looked like the ball was moving a bit and hit the ground.

6.  Gruden’s decision to go for 4th and goal from the 2 down 42-24 was questionable.  Down 18, they were going to need a FG anyway.  I know they were close but they had gone backwards on the previous two plays.

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