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The good, bad, and more from the Redskins’ 27-7 loss to Tampa.  


1.  Alfred Morris.  Hard to say that anyone played well in such an embarrassing loss but Morris did.  His final #s were deflated because they couldn’t use him in the run-game as much when they got behind but his 96 yds rushing were a season-best.

2.  Keenan Robinson.  One of the encouraging revelations from this rough season.  His speed and instincts are first-rate.  His hit on Sims for a 4-yd loss in the 3rd qtr behind the line of scrimmage was a blur.  The following bow to the crowd was unnecessary considering they were down 20-7 at the time but he’s very good.

3.  Tampa’s Mike Evans.  He torched the Skins defense for 7 catches/209 yards/2 TDs.


1.  Self-inflicted mistakes.  3 turnovers, 5 penalties, and a missed field goal in the first-half alone.  Add to that a 2nd-half missed FG and too many sacks.  The 3rd Skins’ drive of the game was dark comedy.  Shortly after recovering a muffed fumble, the following happened.  1st and goal at the Bucs’ 6–illegal formation on Compton.  2nd and goal at the Bucs 10–RG3 sacked for a loss of 10.  3rd and goal from the 20–RG sacked for a loss of 9.  4th and goal from the 29–Forbath missed 47-yd FG.

2.  RG3.  A bad performance.  Of his 2 INTs, the 2nd one was more his fault than the first one as he stared down Garcon but the first one was an ugly/awkward throw too.  Sure Paul needs to hold onto it but it was a bad throw.  It was similar to the awkward throw he made on 4th and 6 at the end of the game in Minnesota.  He took too many sacks many times because he held the ball too long often when it appeared people were open.  He took a bad sack early in the 3rd qtr that forced Forbath into a 50-yd FG instead of a shorter attempt.  Pass protection wasn’t good but my guess is that the majority of the culpability for 6 sacks and tons of pressures will fall at the feet of Griffin this week.  Add to that, he appeared to miss big opportunties on early read-option plays where he could’ve kept the ball for sizeable runs.  He just didn’t have much feel for anything today.  He also missed on two deep shots to Jackson.  Deep shots have been one of his strengths but not today.

3.  ESPN’s Ryan Clark.  He’s terrible as a cover safety.  He just can’t do it anymore.  He’s not awful at the line of scrimmage but he got beat in what appeared to be a Cover-2 look on the 36-yd deep TD shot to Evans.  That was ridiculous.  How could Evans on a shorter field run by him so easily.  Granted, there’s not enough pressure on the QB but he’s a mess as the last line of defense.  They should bench him and get some looks at younger players who might be here next year when Clark is doing analyst work in Bristol.

4.  Special teams.  Tress Way has a very good gross punting avg. this year but when given chances near midfield to put the other team in a hole, he kicks it into the end zone.  Kai Forbath missed two field goals.  No returns of note either.

5.  3rd and 2 play-call early in the 3rd qtr.  The Skins only reasonable chance to be in the game after a poor start came on their first drive of the 3rd quarter.   Down 13-7 and driving at the Tampa 26 with a chance to take the lead, the play-call was a drop-back pass.  It’s clear that pure drop-back is not Griffin’s strength.  He got sacked so a 43-yd FG attempt became a 50-yd FG attempt and a chance at the lead or at worst a 13-10 deficit became good field position for Tampa and a 20 to 7 lead.


1.  The 2nd TD pass to Evans was a missed A-gap blitz by the Skins’ defense according to Gruden.

2.  Roy Helu lost one fumble and nearly a 2nd.

3.  Leonard Hankerson’s debut included a false start penalty and a mental mistake of lining up on the wrong side of the field in the red zone.

4.  The Skins actually came out with the idea of getting the ball to Jackson more on quick screens, etc but continuing that concept got lost because of the big deficit.

5.  So much for comments like “toe-to-toe with the Seattle” and “we’re close to 7 and 2″…..today’s performance was clear-cut…..this team stinks right now.

6.  We saw some turbo/hurry-up today.   So what.  It didn’t amount to anything good.

7.  Can we now admit that last year wasn’t a “Mike/Kyle” problem?

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