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Not Fun For Anyone: Sending Fans An “Off Season” Message

Who knows what the Washington Redskins will do to defend their off season championship.

Trade for Jim Harbaugh? Draft Jameis Winston?

In reality, there may not be many options for off season splashes. Jay Gruden is in the first year of a five year contract, and reports are he will be back for next season. This team has so many personnel needs that drafting a quarterback with their high first round pick may not be an option — especially if there are people in this organization who believe one of the three quarterbacks on the roster can still actually play the position in the NFL.

So what should this franchise do to show its fans that they would stand for the sort of debacle that has been the 2014 season?

Team president Bruce Allen should take a page from his late father, former Redskins coach George Allen, to send a message to fans.

Following the 1973 season, after Washington went 10-4, finishing second in the NFC East, and then losing to the Minnesota Vikings 27-20 in the first round of the playoffs, George Allen declared there would be no team picture of the 1973 squad. “If this team doesn’t make it to the NFC championship game, it doesn’t deserve its picture taken,” Allen wrote in a team memo.

Well, he didn’t stick to that policy in future seasons, but the notion may be the right one. But let’s not stop at a team picture.

Next year, at the Redskins annual Welcome Home Luncheon, declare that there will be no offensive or defensive player of the year. Stand up there and say nobody on this 2014 team is deserving of any award.

While you’re at it, put a padlock on the practice bubble and make them practice outside. Fire the highly-touted chef and tell them to shop for their own food. And maybe get rid of the charter flights and fly coach.

You get the idea. It’s been painful for Redskins fans. It might be easier for them if they knew it was painful for everyone.

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