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The good, bad, and more from the season-ending 44-17 loss to Dallas.


1.  DeSean Jackson.  Should be the team MVP.

2.  Alfred Morris. His first carry of the game should’ve been a 2-yd loss but he turned into a 2-yd gain.  That’s what he does.

3.  Trent Williams.  Played hurt and played well.  The block on Jackson’s TD catch was his athleticism on full display.

4.  Keenan Robinson.  Best player on defense.  He should’ve had a pick-6 early.  It may have changed the context of the game.


1.  Defense.  The defense needs a total offseason overhaul.  Today’s first-half was a joke.  The tackling was horrendous and the coverage was worse.  Dallas had a 65-yard TD run late but had an 80-yarder called back and another big run (Murray in the first half) that got whistled down when Murray actually wasn’t down.  Haz and staff need to go and someone in the organization needs to identify some talent in the draft and free agency.  If that talent-evaluator doesn’t exist in the organization, they need to hire someone from outside the organization to find talent.  I like Robinson, Kerrigan, and Breeland.  After that, everyone on D is expendable.  Not saying they’ll get rid of everyone else nor can they get rid of everyone else but none of the others are “must-keeps”.  With that said, P. Thomas showed some ability as an in-the-box safety the last few weeks.  He doesn’t appear to be a free safety right now.  I still like Amerson even though he was bad today and has struggled this year.  This team needs an impact player up front (N. Suh maybe?).  It also needs an outside pass rusher and a minimum of two new DBs.

2.  Red zone offense.  1-4 with 2 turnovers.

3.  Special Teams.  Another week of zero big plays on SP teams while giving up at least one (the onsides kick) the other way.


1.  Griffin’s performance:  He was fine on quick-hitch throws, screens, & early-down play-action.  He’s awful on 2nd and 3rd and more than 7.  Nothing illustrates his biggest weakness right now more than two plays on the same drive early in the 3rd quarter.  On 2nd and 9, Jackson is wide open on a sideline comeback rout and Griffin looks at him but refuses to throw the ball.  Instead, he took a totally unnecessary sack.  Then two plays later on 4th and 4, he throws short to Jordan Reed who was doubled on the play.  The picks in the red zone were both on him.  He stared down Garcon on the 4th and 1 at the Dallas 7 and threw into heavy coverage.  The 2nd one was a clear example of him waiting for Roberts to be open rather than throwing him open.  At this point in his career, he gives you very little chance as a drop-back passer in longer-yardage situations.  Additionally, if you fall behind in a game and are forced to throw, it’s a problem.  He needs a run-game, a defense, and a very good scheme/play-caller to succeed especially if his heart isn’t into being a zone-read type of QB.  Let’s face it…..he’s a project right now with no guarantee that he’ll develop into anything special.  If the team wants to roll the dice on him being the future at QB, they’ll have to show a ton of patience and must upgrade the defense to keep the team from getting blown out as much as it did this year.

2.  Gruden opted not to call a timeout after Romo fumbled the snap and was sacked by K. Robinson with 14 seconds left in the first half.  Down 27-10 at the time, why not take a shot at blocking a punt?

3.  Andre Roberts had another drop.  It seems he’s been good for at least one per game all season long.

4.  Jordan Reed had a TD called back because his helmet was ripped off.  His helmet looked like it was barely on his head to begin with.

5.  Garcon’s penalty on the Griffin TD run was late but I’m not totally sure it was dirty.  I just think he wasn’t entirely sure if Griffin had scored yet.

6.  Why did Dallas play its starters for so long?

7.  If Griffin comes back, they need a good screen/draw back like Helu.

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