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Some good, mostly bad from Skins 24-zip loss to the Rams.


1.  Ryan Kerrigan.  Some very good pressure and 2 sacks when the game was still 6-nothing.


1.  Coaching.  The offense didn’t have any answers to anything the Rams did on both sides of the ball.  It’s just incredible that 3rd and longs are completed so easily against this team.  Tight-ends are always open on 2nd and 3rd and long.  It’s clear that the defensive coaches haven’t figured out how to fix that.  Special teams were awful.  They’ve had some decent days on coverage but Tavon Austin lit up the Skins like all the Chiefs did a year ago.  The 2-point conversion was so easy it could’ve been converted by a 10-year old.  Zuerlein’s missed 2 FGs and a PAT should’ve given the Skins some momentum but nothing seemed to give them life today.

2.  Offense.  206 total yards, 3-12 on 3rd-down, 7 sacks, 27 yards rushing.

3.  Colt McCoy.  He’s just not the guy.  I see very little from him in terms of long-term “starter” potential here or anywhere.  He is inaccurate even when he completes balls.  He’s small in the pocket and not elusive enough against a defense like the one he faced today.  I know he faced an uphill battle today against a very good St. Louis defense and nothing from the running game but he didn’t make one play the entire day.

3.  Running game.  Impossible today against the Rams and the coaches couldn’t figure out how to complete enough passes on early downs to loosen the defense up.  Morris’ 8 carries for 6 yards has to be a career-worst.

4.  Sp teams.  Rams averaged 35.8 yds per punt return and scored a TD.  Skins averaged 1.5.  The Tress Way fake punt should’ve worked but Way cut it back to the middle when there was plenty of running room to the outside.


1.  Ryan Clark had one 15-yard penalty on a defenseless hit and should’ve had another on a sideline hit on Tre Mason.

2.  Redskins had terrible starting field position.  7 of their 10 drives started at their own 20 or worst….the other 3 inside their own 32.

3.  I’d like to see another starting QB next week in NY.  I don’t really care who it is but I’ve seen enough of McCoy for now.  He’s an NFL back-up.  Skins need to see more of Cousins or Griffin.

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