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The good, bad, and more from the 27-24 upset win over Philly.


1.  They came to play.  For a 2nd straight week, the team really competed with nothing on the line.  Sure they gave up a 3rd and 25, 3rd and 15, etc., but on both sides of the ball and on sp teams, they really came with a ton of fight.

2.  1st & 2nd down offense.  The Redskins generated 240 of their 305 yards on 1st & 2nd down.  They averaged 6 yds per 1st & 2nd down play.  The stayed away from too many 3rd-downs.  That was the key to their success on offense in 2012 and it was a big key to their success today.  The Redskins’ had several drives where 3rd-down was barely a factor.  On two their 9 total drives, they didn’t face 3rd-down at all.  On one of their drives (a 12-play drive), they faced just one 3rd-down and that was a 3rd and 4.  And on their final drive, they didn’t face a 3rd-down that mattered.

3.  Good balance/play-calling.  29 runs & 23 passes took the pressure off the quarterback and kept them in good down/distance all day.

4.  Baushaud Breeland.  His interception was THE play of the game.  He’s been really good all season long and appears to be a star-in-the-making.  He’s just as good in the run game as he is in coverage and he makes plays on sp teams as well.

5.  Jackson & Garcon.  Philly single-covered Jackson which allowed Griffin to take and complete some deep shots.  Meantime, Garcon is tough to handle after the catch.  The hitch to him on the final drive was a 6-8 yd play that Garcon turned into a huge 23-yarder.  It was nice to see the read-option/play-action “drift” route back in the mix.  That play was a staple in 2012 and they connected on it today in the 3rd quarter.  With those things said, it looked like Garcon didn’t do a good job running a route on the play where Jenkins nearly had a pick-6.  Yes, Griffin stared it down but Garcon seemed to give up on the route.

6.  Philly penalties & missed field goals.  The Eagles missed two 2nd-half field goals and were hit with 13 penalties for 102 yards.  Six of their penalties resulted in 1st-downs for the Skins.


1.   3rd-down defense.  The Eagles converted 9 of 16 including a 3rd & 12, 3rd & 25, 3rd & 16, 3rd & 7, and 3rd & 8.  I hated all the zone coverage especially in the 1st half.  Breeland is better in man coverage.

2.  Field condition.  Why is this field always a mess late in the season?

3.  Skins’ last kickoff.  The “squib” attempt went badly.  Forbath’s kickoff hit one of the Eagles up front which gave them a Hail Mary shot at the 50.


1. Griffin did a nice job making plays while managing the game.  With the exception of a delay of game penalty that appeared to really anger Gruden (looked like Griffin tried to audible too late in the play-clock), Griffin seemed to do a good job of getting out of the huddle and getting to the line of scrimmage with time to spare.  He also got the ball out quicker as a passer than he has recently.  I liked his willingness for a 2nd straight week to run for yardage.  He was a solid B-/C+ today.  There appeared to be some missed opportunities and the interception appeared to be a bad read but Griffin made more good plays than bad.

2.  The Redskins ran some read-option/play-action looks.  However, those plays would work much better if Griffin had a few runs on read-option style plays.

3.  The 2 Ryans…..Kerrigan forced another fumble…the 15th of his career.  Clark was a tackling machine.  Clark is much better around the line of scrimmage than he is in coverage.

4.  Two of the Skins’ 3 sacks came from Jackson Jeffcoat and Trevardo Williams.

5.  Andre Roberts had a decent kickoff return but also fumbled the 2nd-half kickoff.  He also had a huge 3rd-down drop on a good throw by Griffin.

6.  Philly had the option of letting the Skins score a touchdown with roughly a minute left in the game and 2 timeouts.  It was the “odds” play but Kelly probably thought a field goal had a chance to miss.  That part of the field is where his kicker had missed twice.

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