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If this is truly the end of John Wall’s season, he left it all on the floor in leading the Wizards to a Game 1 win over the Hawks. It was announced Thursday that Wall has 5 non-displaced fractures in his left wrist and hand.


john_wall_350Wall sat out of Game 2 Tuesday because of the pain and inability to control the ball with his left hand. The most amazing part about what he’s gone through is his performance immediately after injuring the wrist in Game 1.  He racked up 12 points, 8 assists, 5 rebounds, and had 3 blocks in his final 23 minutes (via Ben Standig of CSN Washington).


It shouldn’t come as a surprise,  because Wall has battled through aches and pains all season long for the Wizards. He is the most irreplaceable player on the roster, which makes this such a devastating setback for the team.


Coach Randy Wittman summed it up best after Thursday’s practice. “I’m not BS’ing you guys,” he said. “I’ve been around this game for 30 years and he’s the toughest. Toughest kid I’ve been around.”


It has not officially been determined if Wall will play again this year. Even if Wall plays, he would likely be limited going to his left, which he likes to do. His wrist would also be a target for the opposing team.


The Wizards really need to ask themselves: is the risk of their franchise player really worth the reward? What is the best case scenario? Get through the Hawks series. Does anyone truly think a “limited to his left Wall” can lead the Wizards past the Bulls or Cavaliers? What type of damage could be done on the wrist or hand if he takes another fall on it?


There are no comparables for 5 non-displaced fractures among NBA players, let alone one at the point guard position. The timing of the injury is devastating. The Wizards were playing some of their best basketball with their franchise point guard leading the way.


If this is the end of Wall’s season, the rest of the group will have to raise their game. It won’t just be on Ramon Sessions at point guard to step up. It will need to be everyone stepping up from Bradley Beal, Paul Pierce, Marcin Gortat, Nene (YES please step up), Otto Porter, and anyone else that Wittman puts on the floor. To keep playing in the post season it will truly have to be #DCRising.


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