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Kirk Cousins has been given the starting quarterback job in 2015.   Does RG3 stay or go? 

More on that later.

I love the decision. Kirk is the best option on the roster yes, but he’s more than that. He’s talented enough to be a top 15-20 quarterback in the league. I might look stupid in a few months from now for saying that but I really believe it.

I’m already down for 30 touchdowns, a 64% completion percentage, and 3,800+ yards this year. I think he’ll throw 18 interceptions too but my guess is there will be plenty of good data after this season to support moving forward with him.

My biggest concern is how he handles adversity. He didn’t handle it well last year. He bounced back nicely Saturday night after an early pick. That was nice to see but that was a preseason game. I want to see it in a regular season game.

Kirk Cousins passes the ball during the second half against the Detroit Lions Aug. 20th at FedExField. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

Kirk Cousins passes the ball during the second half against the Detroit Lions Aug. 20th at FedExField. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

Perhaps knowing he’s no longer a Griffin-placeholder with little margin for error will help. Regardless, he can’t go into a shell when adversity inevitably strikes.

The decision to give the job to Cousins says a few things to me.

1. There actually WAS a QB competition. It was insulting to a fan base that has been loyal to a fault when Gruden announced that he had handed the job to Griffin back in February. As it turns out, Gruden went that route because he didn’t want to deal with the distraction of daily questions about “who’s your starter”. Bottom line, 4-12 teams don’t hand jobs to under-performing players because when they do, they go 4-12 again.

2. The “football people” had more authority than we thought. Most believed that Dan Snyder was in the tank for Griffin and his personal feelings for RG3 would carry the day. If true, they didn’t. The right “football” decision was made and it would appear as if Jay Gruden and perhaps even Scot McCloughan got what they wanted.

3. McCloughan stood behind Gruden. Whether or not McCloughan had come to the same conclusion Gruden came to last year about Griffin’s inability to run the offense professionally, McCloughan couldn’t in good faith evaluate the coach himself this year if he didn’t let him play the players he wanted to play. We still don’t know much about Jay Gruden as a head coach through one full season and a year 2 training camp. Until he was given a chance to play the best players, we couldn’t learn much more.

4. They just didn’t have the stomach for risking a full season before it started. With a full season ahead and a glimmer of hope that the roster has been improved courtesy of McCloughan, forcing the Griffin narrative any further was bad business. It’s one thing to trudge through the Griffin soap opera late in a losing season as has been the case the last two years. It’s quite another to bury a season before it starts.

As far as what’s next for Griffin? The best odds are on him being released before the season starts. The next best odds are on him remaining on the roster as the 3rd-string QB.

If he indeed does stay on the roster, it makes sense that there was probably some sort of quid pro quo between the owner and football people. Snyder could’ve said…’ok, play who you want, but Griffin stays in case Cousins doesn’t work out.’

I think the long shot at this point is a trade. There may be very limited interest in Griffin as waiver-wire addition let alone interest if it costs a team a late-round pick.

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