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The good, bad, and more from the Redskins 20-17 preseason win in Cleveland.

Chris Thompson is tackled by Cleveland Browns inside linebacker Craig Robertson during the first quarter. (AP Photo/Ron Schwane)

Chris Thompson is tackled by Cleveland Browns inside linebacker Craig Robertson during the first quarter. (AP Photo/Ron Schwane)


1. 1st half offense. 212 total yards on 4 drives. They ran the ball very well with Morris and Jones who went 13 for 80 yds/6.1 per carry. Griffin was a B; Cousins an A.

2. Alfred Morris & Matt Jones. Both were super impressive. Jones is a load and has some wiggle.

3. Kai Forbath. 2 for 2 on field goals including a 52-yarder.

4. Kirk Cousins. He went against Cleveland’s twos and threes but was sharp going 12 for 14 for 154 yards on 2 drives with a variety of throws. He also ran three read-option plays…one went to Jones, another to Thompson in the 3rd qtr and the other was the TD run in the 2nd quarter. He gets an “A” for having a much better feel for the offense and the position than Griffin does. That’s obvious and not debatable. With that said, we know what can happen when things go wrong. Also, his accuracy isn’t always there (see his first completion to Roberts on a ball thrown behind him) and he doesn’t have the arm strength Griffin has.

5. Andre Roberts as a receiver. He fumbled a punt but caught 4 passes for 71 yards in the first half.

6. Trenton Robinson. He seemed to be around the ball a lot last year and last night was the same. He made tackles and nearly picked off Manziel late in the 2nd quarter.

7. Rashad Ross. Very productive and good yards after catch.

8. End of 1st half field position management. After a sack and minus play on a screen, the Skins faced 3rd and 26 at the Cleveland 40. They needed something underneath that gained 5-10 yards and got it on a Cousins to Rashad Ross 6-yard completion setting up a Forbath 52-yd field goal.


1. Injuries. 2 players carted off the field is never good. Niles Paul will be missed. Silas Redd too but at least they have depth at RB.

2. Not enough work for Griffin. Two drives, 8 pass attempts…not enough for me. He needs more work.

3. First-quarter defense. Granted, it was a mish mash of players who were out there but Cleveland’s first drive led by Josh McCown was too easy.

4. Punt returns. Roberts fumbled and Thompson can’t do it. Thompson doesn’t seem to be able to catch punts which is a problem. He had the same issue early in 2013. No worries however as Jamison Crowder will be the punt returner when the regular season begins.

5. Kickoffs. Again, nobody on the roster that appears to be able to kick it through the end zone unless they were doing it on purpose tonight to see their coverage unit work.


1. Griffin gets a B for his 2 drives. The deep ball to Garcon may have been thrown late  BUT it should’ve been caught for a big play. He clearly put it in a place where Garcon should’ve caught it. He was nearly picked on an out pattern to Evan Spencer on an early 3rd and 5 but he made a good throw to Grant on their first 3rd and long. I liked his decisive 3rd and 2 run for a first-down even though there were receivers open including Grant and Garcon. The bootleg throw to Grant started with Griffin and Chris Thompson getting their feet tangled and ended with what appeared to be two receivers and multiple defenders in the same area.

2. For a 1st preseason game, 3 total penalties is pretty good.

3. Manziel looked improved from a year ago.

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