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RG3-The End is in Sight

After last Thursday night’s debacle against Detroit, I told my “Sports Fix” co-host Thom Loverro, “relax, it’ll be over soon.”

After last night’s RG3 concussion reversal and some of the breaking news today, soon is in sight.

Griffin’s career in Washington appears to be winding down.  ESPN’s Ed Werder tweeted earlier today that an NFL source told him that “GM Scot McCloughan says he’s determined to change team culture and must move on from RG3”.

This is the first substantive report on the current thoughts of our new GM. We’ve known for a while what Jay Gruden and Dan Snyder think. If it had been up to Gruden, Griffin would’ve at the very least been forced to earn the starting QB spot via a true competition and at the very most, been cut or traded. We all believe that Snyder has asked for Griffin to be given one more chance. We haven’t known where McCloughan stood. Now we do.

Face of frustration.  Robert Griffin III walks off the field after being injured during the Redskins/Lions preseason game  Aug. 20th at FedExField. (AP Photo/Mark Tenally)

Face of frustration. Robert Griffin III walks off the field after being injured during the Redskins/Lions preseason game Aug. 20th at FedExField. (AP Photo/Mark Tenally)

The mere presence of Griffin on the roster has become too toxic to bear. With a full season ahead and a glimmer of hope that the roster has been improved courtesy of McCloughan, forcing the Griffin narrative any further will sabotage another season.

It’s one thing to trudge through the Griffin soap opera late in a losing season as has been the case the last two years.  It’s quite another to bury a season before it starts.

This was bound to happen for so many reasons. The cons to taking this Griffin path one more time have so outweighed the pros that only a fool would’ve continued on it.

What pros you ask? There’s just one.

He’s a unique athlete and in the right offense (see Shanahans 2012) he can be good and fun to watch. However, it requires him and his coaches to embrace that style of football.

There has been no indication that either party is interested. His thinking has been more in line with ‘show me a running quarterback and I’ll show you a losing quarterback’. That line famously uttered by his father after his rookie season.

He went 10-6 under Mike and Kyle as a dual-threat QB. Since running them out of town and opting out of that quarterbacking style, he’s 5-15 as a starter. Meantime, Russell Wilson has dual-threated his way to back to back Super Bowl appearances.

The cons list is long.

He’s fragile. If indeed he was concussed last week as an independent neurologist now suggests, this was his 4th significant injury as a pro….his 5th in the last 6 years. His track body combined with his lack of peripheral vision on the field makes him even money to suffer an injury every time he plays.

He’s not that good. His insistence on playing quarterback primarily from the pocket isn’t working. He has no feel in the pocket and can’t seem to throw with anticipation.

He’s been tough to coach. The line I’ve heard used when it comes to Griffin…’yeah, yeah, yeah, I got it.” As in, he’s got all the answers, just ask him.

His off-the-field presentation has been more times than not, insufferable. His insistence on issuing personal branding slogans like “All in for Week One”, “Know Your Why” and this year’s beauty “Talk small, Play big” have driven everyone in Ashburn nuts. His boastful interviews and cheesy hashtags have been unbearable.

He mentioned last week that the media uses his names for “headlines to click on stories.” His actions have actually reflected a guy who seeks headlines. Many of his personal branding mantras have been registered for trademark protection. He’s been a one-man personal branding machine since he arrived in the league with one calculated by-product….headlines!

Griffin isn’t a fit for the Redskins anymore. Even his most ardent supporters have been turned off by his lack of production on the field and his role in the three-ring circus off it.

For a franchise that has been mired in dysfunction for decade plus, nothing that’s happened in the past compares to this RG3 sandbox soap opera of the last few years. We’ll always have 2012 but it’s time to move on.

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