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The Marquee: Kirk Cousins

Today is about Robert Griffin III. Tonight is about Kirk Cousins.

The Marquee is the last of what you can consider “regular” entries on this blog. It will be game day morning and will focus on the one storyline I think is most important or intriguing for that day. Typically it will be one of the “Three Things” from the start of the practice week. Today is no exception.


Today’s talk shows will be about the chaos surrounding Robert Griffin III and his concussion (or non-concussion). Today’s talk shows will be about the dysfunction of the head coach not being able to start the quarterback he wants and then magically getting to and what the results will. Today’s talk shows will be about how the original release from the team said nothing about anticipating clearling Griffin and how that is Pike Place level fishy.

I know all of these things because I’m hosting a talk show from 1-3:30 today and I would very much appreciate you listening!

After I’m done talking though and our pregame coverage is complete, something far more important will happen. The game will start, and from that point forward this story is no longer about Robert or the dysfunction. It’s about Kirk Cousins.

It's finally Kirk Cousins time. Can he take advantage? (AP Photo/David Richard)

It’s finally Kirk Cousins time. Can he take advantage? (AP Photo/David Richard)

If Cousins plays well tonight, he will start the season opener. This isn’t sourced reporting, it’s merely unimpeachable logic.

Wait. Sorry. I forgot. These are the Redskins and Robert Griffin III is involved, so unimpeachable logic is more of a challenge than something that is theoretically infallible. Take two.

If Cousins plays well tonight, he should start the season opener and the mere timeline of Griffin’s injury in combination with his preseason performance says that Cousins will.

It’s no secret that Jay Gruden thinks Griffin needs a lot of work, and the 1-2 weeks he’s going to be out won’t allow him to get it. He needed game action more than any other player on the roster and it seems unimaginable, even with Robert and this team, that they’d throw him out there week 1 without getting it if there’s another option that is so clearly better.

That’s where this gets interesting because as excited as you might be for Kirk to get a shot, there’s also a possibility that he shows that he’s not clearly better.

Cousins was intercepted on 4.4% of his passes last season. He threw it 204 times, so we’re not exactly talking about a small sample size. That’s four times more often than Aaron Rodgers. Cousins doesn’t need to be Aaron Rodgers, but he can’t throw four interceptions to Rodgers every one.

Cousins QBR was a 46.85. The only good news about a 46.85 QBR is that it is way better than the horrifying 26.54 he put up in 2013.

If Cousins had played better and thrown the ball more consistently to the right colored jersey, it wouldn’t have been as easy for ownership to push for Griffin to be the starter without competition. The “we invested a lot in him” argument doesn’t hold water after three years to “yeah, but my guy produced and won games.”

If you’re tired of the RGIII circus, I can go ahead and apologize for the majority of my two and a half hours today on the radio. We’re going to talk about it. It’s a story. However, 7:30 tonight is your time, baby! At that point, Robert doesn’t matter. We all get to see what we’ve been begging to see.

Kirk Cousins name is on the marquee.

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