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Three Things: Cuts Around The Corner

This week’s edition of three things sets us up for the fourth and final preseason game, plus the trimming of the roster on Tuesday.

1) Bye, Robert?

ESPN’s Dianna Russini and Adam Schefter reported Sunday that Daniel Snyder is coming around to the idea of cutting RGIII. The front office (Scot McCloughan) reportedly came to that determination at some point during camp. Jay Gruden has apparently thought he wasn’t capable of playing in his system since last year.

I wrote yesterday why Kirk Cousins getting the job was good for the franchise whether he’s good or not, but that is magnified if Griffin is out of the picture. I generally think distractions are overrated, but this one wouldn’t be. It’s nobody’s fault, it’s just reality. Whether he can play quarterback or not, Griffin is still a massive star. Having that on your bench isn’t ideal when it will mean questions the minute Cousins struggles. A clean start elsewhere is also the best for Griffin.

Chris Thompson, RGIII and Rashad Ross celebrate after a TD. Will any of them make the roster? (AP Photo/Gail Burton)

Chris Thompson, RGIII and Rashad Ross celebrate after a TD. Will any of them make the roster? (AP Photo/Gail Burton)

Really the the only question is timing. If Griffin isn’t fully cleared, can the Redskins pull the plug? We’ll find out Tuesday.

2) Who plays?

Jay Gruden had said the final preseason game would be for the backups and young guys, but that was before he had a new starting QB. I wonder who gets the first team practice reps and if he changed course, even if it’s for one or two series Thursday night.

3) A “Special” Set of Skills

In the notes section of yesterday’s column, I mentioned a few position battles. I doubt any of the guys I mentioned get cut on Tuesday considering their special teams performances will be a major determining factor.

You basically can’t practice special teams because the injury risk is so high. Instead guys like Chris Thompson and Trey Williams will try to make their mark Thursday night.

I’ll also have my eye on Rashad Ross. He’s the NFL’s fourth leading receiver in the preseason. Can he solidly a spot by flashing on special teams? We shall see.


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