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Redskins-Eagles Preview and Pick

The opener is here….finally.  The Skins need a fast start to the 2017 season or lots of the offseason BS will be front and center and quickly.  They’ve won 5 straight against Philly but haven’t won an opener in 5 years.

They’ll beat the Eagles today if….

  1. ….there’s a sense of urgency that hasn’t existed in their last few games.  The preseason effort and execution were absent.  Their last regular season game against the Giants with the playoffs on the line was all of the cliches you can come up with….flat, tight, not ready to play, etc.  Today better be an effort of desperation.  It’s just one of 16 but it feels bigger than that.  The Redskins need a good start and winning at home against a division rival would provide a needed early boost.
  2. …they get off the field on 3rd down.  After one of the worst 3rd-down defensive seasons in modern NFL history, the Redskins will open this season with 5-6 new defensive starters.  They MUST be better on 3rd down or the season can’t end in playoffs.
  3. ….Kirk Cousins makes big throws to move the sticks.  He did it last year…he has to do it this year with two new receivers. The Skins will have several 3rd and 3s or more.  They must be really good (50% or better) in this area again or they’ll put too much pressure on a defense that should be better but is still more mystery than certainty.


Skins 29-27

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