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Likes, dislikes, and more from the 29-20 loss to the Chiefs.


  1. Kirk Cousins. He led two 2nd half scoring drives to take the lead or tie including the final chance where Doctson had a chance to pull in a great throw for what could’ve been the potential game-winner.  Gruden sounded like he would have preferred Kirk had gone to Reed on that play but Doctson was man-to-man and Kirk made a great throw.  He made as many plays with his legs as I can remember.  His runs on that final drive were all big.  He came out aggressive from the start taking deep shots to Pryor for a first-drive touchdown.  He threw a 1st and 10 69-yd catch/run to Davis and took a deep shot to Grant as well.  He had 2-3 balls dropped.
  1. Vernon Davis.  Big-time play-maker this year and they’ve needed it with Reed missing so many snaps.
  1. Josh Norman. He played well and then when he got hurt, he proved his worth as the defense fell apart.
  1. Early defense. It got ugly as the game went on and players were dropping like flies but the defense was dominant early forcing punts on Kansas City’s first three drives.  The pressure was fierce and the hitting was big.  After that, it fell apart.
  1. Pass protection.  Kirk had time most of the night.  He also did a great job of creating more time.


  1.  Penalties.  They gave the Chiefs 5 first downs courtesy of penalties.  The Chiefs two 3rd qtr scoring drives which resulted in 10 points were helped significantly by penalties.  The biggest was the offsides by Preston Smith on a 3rd and goal stop.  Next play….touchdown.

  1.   Injuries.  It was incredible how many players left the game tonight. Some didn’t come back, others did.  Kelley, Norman were done for the night after getting hurt.  Williams, Doctson, Dunbar, Nicholson all came back. 

  1. Defense over the final 3 quarters. The Chiefs picked them apart after their first three drives.  In fact, the Chiefs scored on 5 of their final 6 drives missing one field goal and not punting once over that stretch.  The Chiefs had a 2nd and 20 after a first-down sack with 8 minutes left and converted to keep the ball and the clock moving. That was big in a 17-17 game.  The Chiefs ultimately ran 14 plays and ate up 8:10 before kicking that field goal.
  1. Two BIG DROPS. Terrell Pryor dropped a 3rd-down throw in the first half that would’ve continued a drive and Josh Doctson had the go-ahead in his hands with under a minute to go.
  1. Time of possession.  The Skins had 18 offensive snaps in the 2nd half (4 in the 3rd quarter). They scored on two of their 3 2nd half drives but just didn’t have the ball enough.  The final count was 37:09 to 22:51. The Chiefs ran 22 more plays than the Redskins.


  1. Gruden clock management at the end. He called a timeout too quickly following the Chris Thompson 2nd and 2 no-gain play.  He had a chance to huddle normally and snap the ball on 3rd and 2 with 30-35 seconds left instead of calling timeout and snapping the ball with 57 seconds left.  Bottom line…he left Kansas City with too much time after missing the 3rd and 2.  If they had made the 3rd and 2, he still would’ve had 3 timeouts left to go get the touchdown. 

  1. Kirk and Jordan Reed seemed off.  Reed hasn’t practiced much and it showed.
  1. Alex Smith was really good.  His legs were huge (7-56 yards) and he didn’t miss much as a passer (27-37 for 293yds).
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