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Likes, dislikes, and more from the Skins’ 27-11 win over Denver.




  1. Ryan Kerrigan. Awesome all day with pressure.  Denver couldn’t handle him.  He had 2 sacks and a forced fumble on a pressure of Osweiler.

  1. Rest of the defense. Any reasonable football fan will admit that Brock Osweiler is a horrible quarterback and for the 2nd straight week the Skins benefited from playing against offenses that have been abject disasters, but with that said, the Skins defense held Denver to 10 points…..just 3 through the competitive portion of the game.  The defense held Denver to 5 for 17 on 3rd downs and got 3 turnovers.  The 4 total sacks and 9 QB hits on the day were huge.  In addition to Kerrigan’s 2 sacks, Preston Smith had a 2-sack day. 

  1. Kirk Cousins. He wasn’t perfect but after a few early missed throws and drops, he got the offense rolling by finding eight different receivers on a (19-37 for 299 yds; 3 TDs/1 INT) day.  The interception was one of his worst throws of the season but he made up for it by moving the offense for much of the day with a limited run game (until the 2nd half) and receivers who dropped or didn’t catch 4-5 balls. He continues to improve as a QB who can extend and make plays off-schedule.  He had two runs for first downs.
  1. Kapri Bibbs. He’s got more burst than any runner the Skins have put out there all year.  He was ruled down but may not have been down on his first big run of the day. 


  1. Receivers/offense early. Drops by Doctson in particular and very little separation to start the game on a rough start for everyone on offense. Cousins was off early and Doctson dropped an easy touchdown pass.  

  1. Red zone offense? 1 for 4 in the red zone with an interception into the end zone. 


  1. End-of-first-half Bronco blunder. Denver was in field goal range after McKenzie caught a pass and had an easy trek out of bounds to stop the clock but he decided to turn it away from the sideline and stay in-bounds costing his team a chance at 3 points.  It’s always amazing how often players and/or coaches are oblivious to end-of-half/end-of-game situational football.
  1. 2nd half Perine? He had a fumble but looked good running it.  He went 17-53…most of it in the 2nd half.
  1. Another Morgan Moses false start missed? If you go back and check the 3rd and goal before the Skins’ 1st half field goal, he moved early…..again.
  1. Was Cousins over line of scrimmage? On a completed pass to Ryan Grant on the Skins opening drive of the 2nd half, it looked like Cousins was very close to being over the line of scrimmage when he threw it.  Skins went hurry-up and Denver didn’t have a chance to challenge.
  1. Adam Archuletta was as bad an analyst as he was a player in DC. Archuletta on the CBS broadcast blamed a low shot-gun snap on Cousins and said Cousins stared down Doctson on his interception.  Neither of those things were accurate.  Cousins interception was bad but he looked in two different directions before throwing it back to Doctson.  Rouiller’s snap was low, hard, and bad.
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