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VIDEO: Bruce Allen on Inside the Locker Room

Bruce Allen joined Scott Jackson, Brian Mitchell, and Doc Walker on Inside the Locker Room at Ryan Kerrigan’s Leukemia Golf Classic talking about the Redskins’ draft class, new stadium plans, the Raiders rumor and more!


Some of the notable quotes from Bruce Allen:

On the Redskins’ offseason so far: “We feel very good about what was accomplished. Doug [Williams] checked all the boxes of what we were looking for after our last Giant game, and we feel good right now”


On the Redskins’ rookie minicamp: “We have high hopes for these [rookies], It doesn’t matter what round we took them in. The way they performed in the Rookie minicamp, the condition they came in, there’s some serious football players in this group who all want to contribute to this team this year.”


On visiting Derrius Guice before the draft: “You mentioned Derrius Guice. Not only did we go to his Pro day, we went down there and had seafood, I think it was Phil’s Oyster House, with the group. We went to his neighborhood to feel comfortable about who we were getting and a person who really loves football.”


On the Raiders’ rumors: “There’s nothing to it.”



On Doug Williams setting the draft board: “I think Doug and the department really set the board well for the Washington Redskins… but to see the gameplan come through and to see the execution of it come to fruition I think is the most exciting part.”


On drafting Derrius Guice: “Derrius did fall to us in the draft and there were some people holding their breath and throwing things and some profanity in the draft room but then we were very pleased to get him where we did in the 2nd and then pick up the 3rd.”

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