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Redskins’ Senior Vice President of Player Personnel Doug Williams joined Scott Jackson, Doc Walker, and Brian Mitchell at Ryan Kerrigan’s Leukemia Golf Classic to talk about how the draft went, what Bruce Allen said about him, setting up the Redskins for success in the draft room, and much more!


Here are some of the notable quotes:


On the Redskins’ rookie minicamp: “I thought we had a good group out there, good minicamp, it was smooth, it went well”


On signing undrafted free agents during rookie minicamp: “We got a chance to see some guys and we were fortunate enough to sign a couple of those guys that went undrafted, and it always happens every year, you might sign a guy undrafted… and a couple of them stand out”


On setting the Redskins’ draft board: “Kyle Smith and Tim Gribble and the guys that are on the road, you have to applause those guys… the credit goes to the man in the arena…. when they come in, we sit in there for three and a half weeks and we go over all these guys. We read them, we watch them, and we try to place them where we feel like they are going to get drafted, where they belong, where they fit in with us, and we kind of put the board the way we see it. If we are here and that player is there, would we take that player, and that’s how you do it… don’t draft for need, try to draft the best player.”


On drafting Da’Ron Payne in the first round: “We did need a D- lineman. But it just so happened Payne was sitting in the first round and that’s where we had him, so he was the best player available for us at that time.”


On drafting Derrius Guice: “[Derrius] Guice was there at the 59th pick when we had him actually in the first round, so when you talk about a guy who we have in the first round and he is still on the board, irregardless of what a lot of people said about this kid, this is a great kid who comes from a great program and is a really good football player, it was hard to pass up Derrius Guice in the 2nd round when we and a lot of people had him in the first round.”


On Kyle Smith: “He’s young by age but Kyle has been around this business for a long time. [His] passion man, it’s a joy to sit back and watch him in the room and the fact that the guys all rally around him… he believes what he believes in… he doesn’t get upset if you have a different opinion and that’s the way it should be.”

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